Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a scientific process of evaluating the adverse effects caused by a substance, activity, lifestyle, or natural phenomenon. OEHHA is responsible for developing and providing risk managers in state and local government agencies with toxicological and medical information relevant to decisions involving public health. State agency users of such information include all boards and departments within Cal/EPA, as well as the Department of Public Health, the Department of Food and Agriculture, the Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Justice.

Several laws and regulations govern OEHHA's risk assessment work.

Reports, Notices, Documents

May 27, 2016: Children's Environmental Health Symposia
Each year the Children’s Environmental Health Program sponsors a symposium on key emerging issues relevant to state scientists and policy makers in the field of children’s environmental health.
Feb 12, 2016: Children's Health
Protecting the health and future of our children is important to all Californians.
Jan 28, 2016: Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting
The Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel is a group of expert scientists that have been invited by OEHHA to provide scientific advice on OEHHA’s Synthetic Turf Study. The first panel meeting was held on February 8, 2016 in Sacramento and was webcast.  The public was given opportunity to submit comments at the meeting. 
Jan 11, 2016: Synthetic Turf Studies
Human health studies investigating adverse impacts of synthetic turf products
Dec 9, 2015: Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel
Biographies are available for the members of the Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel.  This panel provides advice on the design and implementation of OEHHA’s synthetic turf study.