Public Information

How to Participate in OEHHA's administrative procedures, meetings or hearings.

View the OEHHA calendar which shows all Public Meetings, Comment Periods, Workshops and Hearings

Each of the OEHHA Public Notices will contain the contact information for the person in charge of that specific administrative procedure. The Public Notice will also provide you with information on how to provide comments (E-mail, FAX, writing).

General Public Participation Questions

If you have general Questions or Comments about OEHHA's public meetings, regulations, or need more information on how you can participate, please contact Sam Delson by e-mail at:

Reports, Notices, Documents

Jul 5, 2016: Emergency Response
Providing emergency personnel with information on the health effects of chemical agents and characterizing the risk to the public.
Feb 15, 2016: Accessibility
Help with many of the accessible features of the OEHHA website.
Jul 16, 2014: Workshop: Air Toxics Hot Spots Draft Guidance Manual
Announcement of public comment period for air toxics hot spots draft guidance manual. OEHHA is seeking comments primarily on the utility of the draft manual for conducting a risk assessment. The new draft guidance document is part of California’s ongoing effort to address health risks from toxics in the air.