2018 Report: Indicators of Climate Change in California

2018 Report:  Environmental Indicators of Climate Change

Indicators are scientifically-based measurements that track trends in various aspects of climate change. The report presents 36 indicators that show how climate change is affecting California. The report is intended to promote scientific analysis to inform decision-making on mitigating and adapting to climate change and to serve as a resource for decision makers, scientists, educators, and the public.

The report’s 36 indicators are grouped into four categories:

  • Human-influenced (anthropogenic) drivers of climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions
  • Changes in the state’s climate
  • Impacts of climate change on physical systems, such as oceans, lakes and snowpack
  • Impacts of climate change on biological systems – humans, vegetation and wildlife

You can download the full report or the report summary.  Additionally, individual indicators can be accessed by category from the "Explore the indicators" page.

Table of contents of report, see download area for details and downloads