Public Health Goal Workshop for Carbofuran, Diquat, Endrin, Picloram, and Thiobencarb

The workshop is provided to enable a dialogue between OEHHA scientists and the public, to discuss the scientific basis of the proposed PHG updates outlined in the Draft Technical Support Document for the Public Health Goals for Carbofuran, Diquat, Endrin, Picloram, and Thiobencarb, and to receive comments.  After the public workshop, OEHHA will submit the draft risk assessment for external scientific peer review.

Following the workshop and external scientific peer review, OEHHA will evaluate all of the comments received, revise the draft document as appropriate, and make it available for a 30-day comment period.  After any subsequent revisions, the final document will be posted on the OEHHA web site along with responses to the external peer review comments and to major comments received at the workshop and during the two public comment periods.