Environmental Protection Indicators for California (EPIC) Products


Environmental Protection Indicators for California (EPIC)

The Environmental Protection Indicators for California (EPIC) project is a collaborative effort of the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), the California Natural Resources Agency (formerly the California Resources Agency), the California Department of Public Health (formerly the California Department of Health Services), and an external advisory group consisting of representatives from business, public interest groups, academia, and local government. The project, led by CalEPA's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), is responsible for developing and maintaining a set of "environmental indicators" for California.


Current Efforts

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As an extension of the EPIC project, in 2009 OEHHA began reporting Indicators of Climate Change in California that can help the state track, assess, and report on climate change issues in California.


EPIC Project Products (2000-2005)




  • 2004 Update: Environmental Protection Indicators for California
    • (This 89 page report is available on-line only)
    • Presents updated information for most of the “Type I” indicators (indicators for which sufficient data are available to present a status or trend, and for which systematic, ongoing data collection is conducted).


  • Environmental Protection Indicators for California, April 2002
    • (Available as downloadable PDF files or CD-ROM versions)
    • This 300-page report describes the process for the identification and selection of environmental indicators that are adopted as part of the EPIC system, and presents the initial set of environmental indicators.


  • Environmental Protection Indicators for California: Understanding Environmental Conditions through Indicators, 2002
    • This 28-page document highlights selected indicators from the full report, and is intended for a broad audience.



OEHHA EPIC Report April 2002

For more information on the EPIC Project, contact:

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Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
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