Extension of Comment Period - Proposed Listing of 15 Chemicals

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65 or the Act) requires the Governor to publish, and update at least annually, a list of chemicals known to the State to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) is the lead agency for the implementation of Proposition 65.

On April 10, 1998, OEHHA published a notice in the California Regulatory Notice Register soliciting information which may be relevant to the evaluation of certain chemicals under consideration for possible administrative listing within the context of the Proposition 65 administrative listing regulatory criteria in Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (22 CCR) Section 12306.

A public forum was held on May 20, 1998 in Sacramento, California to provide an opportunity for interested parties to present oral comments and to discuss the scientific data and other information relevant to a determination as to whether these chemicals meet the criteria for listing set forth in 22 CCR Section 12306. To allow for the submittal of complete and relevant information, OEHHA hereby extends the public comment period to 5 p.m., Tuesday, June 30, 1998.

Written comments, along with supporting information, may be submitted in triplicate to:

the Proposition 65 Office
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
301 Capitol Mall, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, California 95814
FAX: (916) 327-1097
Telephone: (916) 445-6900

In order to be considered, comments must be received at OEHHA by 5 p.m., June 30, 1998.

Following the review of all comments received, OEHHA will announce its intention to proceed with the listing of those candidate chemicals that meet the regulatory criteria for administrative listing in a Notice of Intent to List Chemicals.

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