Release of Final Interpretive Guideline No. 2012-001, Consumption of Methanol Resulting from Pectin that Occurs Naturally In Fruits And Vegetables

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) may issue an Interpretive Guideline that interprets Proposition 65 and its implementing regulations, as applied to specific facts.  The Interpretive Guideline reflects OEHHA’s scientific interpretation of the available information as the lead agency for implementation of the Act.

Methanol was listed as a chemical known to cause reproductive toxicity under Proposition 65, effective March 16, 2012.  This interpretative guideline applies only to methanol that is present in food as the result of enzymatic hydrolysis of naturally occurring pectin in fruits and vegetables.  It does not apply to methanol that results from the intentional addition of pectin in the production or processing of food, or to non-food exposures.