OEHHA’s Overall Advisory Role

OEHHA participates in DPR’s process for Human Health Risk Assessment Prioritization and Initiation mainly as a member of stakeholder groups. For more info on this process, go to DPR-RA-Process.

Adverse Effects Advisory Panel (AEAP)

OEHHA is a member of DPR’s AEAP, which is responsible for initially ranking pesticides into high, medium, or low priority for risk assessment.

Risk Assessment  Prioritization Work Group (RAPWG)

OEHHA is a member of DPR’s RAPWG, which is responsible for selecting ten candidate pesticides for risk-assessment initiation.

Pesticide Registration and Evaluation Committee (PREC)

OEHHA is a member of DPR’s PREC, a committee that consists of public agencies to communicate with, and provide feedback to, DPR regarding pesticide regulatory, policy, and implementation issues. The PREC may be consulted on environmental, technical, scientific, policy, regulatory, and economic matters.