Fish are nutritious and good for you to eat.

Fish advisories map

  • Fish are an excellent source of protein and most are low in saturated fats.
  • Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce your risk for heart disease and improve how the brain develops in unborn babies and children.
  • But some fish you catch may take in toxic chemicals from the water in which they live and the food they eat.
  • Some of these chemicals build up in the fish - and in you - over time.
  • Check our Fish Advisories for help on how to pick the best fish for you and your family.

About Good Catch California

Your Fish Advisor

Good Catch California is the fish advisory program in OEHHA.  We provide advice to help you choose fish to eat that are low in chemicals.  Making good choices will help you and your family be healthy.

Reports, Notices, Documents

Mar 15, 2017: Lake Evans
Fish advisory for Lake Evans in Riverside offers safe eating advice for carp, black bass, sunfish, and Channel Catfish.
Feb 28, 2017: Lake Havasu
Advisory based on mercury and selenium.
Feb 27, 2017: Shasta Lake
Advisory based on mercury and PCBs.
Jan 20, 2017: Castaic Lake
Advisory based on mercury and PCBs.