CalEnviroScreen 1.1

CalEnviroScreen 1.1 was released in September 2013. This release followed CalEnviroScreen 1.0. Earlier version of CalEnviroScreen can be found in the archive.

The California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) announce the availability of an update to the California Communities Environmental Health Screeing Tool: CalEnviroScreen 1.1.

CalEnviroScreen is a screening methodology that can be used to help identify California communities that are disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.

CalEnviroScreen 1.1 uses the same methodology as Version 1.0 except that the indicator for race/ethnicity was removed from the calculation of a community’s CalEnviroScreen score.  This change was made to facilitate the use of the tool by government entities that may be restricted from considering race/ethnicity when making certain decisions.  The CalEnviroScreen 1.1 document continues to calculate scores for the state’s ZIP codes.  While race and ethnicity will not be used in the calculations, a new section has been added that provides information on the racial and ethnic composition of communities throughout the state.  This information contributes to a better understanding of the relationship between race/ethnicity and the pollution burdens facing communities in California.  Cal/EPA and OEHHA are committed to updating and expanding this section as new versions of the tool are released.

CalEnviroScreen 1.1 Report

Race and Ethnicity and CalEnviroScreen 1.1:

The document below provides a sampling of scientific literature showing that the relationship between pollutant exposure, stress, and health outcomes can vary based on race and ethnicity. Information on the composition of communities throughout the state by race and ethnicity is also included. Cal/EPA and OEHHA recognize the need to better examine and understand the relationship between race/ethnicity and pollution burden, which is also explored in this document.

Online Mapping Applications of CalEnviroScreen 1.1 Results:

CalEnviroScreen 1.1 Results and Data in Other Formats:

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet: A spreadsheet showing raw data and calculated percentiles for individual indicators and combined CalEnviroScreen scores for individual ZIP codes with additional demographic information.
  • Google Earth file: A file which can be opened using the free Google Earth application to view results in map format.
  • ArcGIS Geodatabase: A zipped file which can be unzipped, then opened using ArcGIS software to view the results in a File Geodatabase Feature Class format (ArcGIS is a paid subscription).