Workshop on Indicators of Climate Change in California June 16-17, 2015

OEHHA Climate Change Indicators of California 2013 header image

On June 16-17, 2015 the California Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) held a workshop on metrics for tracking climate change and its impacts on California’s water resources, oceans, fish and wildlife, forests, agriculture, and the health and well-being of the state’s residents. The information from the workshop will help OEHHA develop the next update of its report, Indicators of Climate Change in California, scheduled for release in 2018. 

OEHHA Climate Change Indicators of California 2013 image

The latest OEHHA report on indicators of climate change in California, released in 2013, presents indicators that track trends in the multiple aspects of climate change—from climate change drivers, to changes in climate, and the impacts of such changes on physical and biological systems. 

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