Proposed Specific Regulatory Level Chemical Causing Cancer: Glyphosate

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06/20/2017 - 6:46pm
I work in ag and horticulture we don't need round up the chemicals in it are starting to beet the evaporation cycle of our planet ifs coming down in our rain fall . It caused cancer and birth defects as an example of how bad it is . YOU CAN JUST USE VINAGER SALT CARDBOARD!!!TO KILL WEEDS GLYPHOSATE HERBICIDES AND MERIT (rose care plus)SOULD BE REMOVED FROM USEAGE ALTOGETHER merit a systemic insecticide is a major killer of pollinators . Most home users never read all information on the labeling! Have watch them applie to food plant it has no reason to be used by amateurs that are to lazy to read all the directions. All of Monsanto genetic modification would also be removed from culture before they contaminate the purer and normal food plant forever! Don't want to eat nutrient deficient planimals . Thanks Albert l.Kennedy ag and horticulture worker