Proposed Specific Regulatory Level Chemical Causing Cancer: Glyphosate

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06/20/2017 - 12:58pm
Considering that even though DDT was banned years ago, pesticide use has continued with new potent insecticides. Farm workers in central California were recently hospitalized after wind-carried pesticides made them violently ill. The use of glyphosate is a proven carcinogen. Apart from the health threats to direct exposure, consider ingested pesticides and the harm they do. With the massive increase over the last 30 years of increased pesticides and the creation of more potent forms, there has also been a frightening, massive increase in AUTISM. Has anyone researched this? Vaccines that have been used for 50 years are NOT the culprit. BUT, the use of newer pesticides like glyphosate eerily coincides with that spiraling rate. Just something to think about. .....