Proposed Specific Regulatory Level Chemical Causing Cancer: Glyphosate

Comment by: 
Alacia Edwards
Received on: 
06/06/2017 - 9:27pm
Dear Sirs, To focus solely on a direct connection between Glyphosate and Cancer is to avoid the realities of the destructive nature of Glyphosate. As you undoubtedly are already aware, Glyphosate upsets the microbial balance of the gut, the Endocrine System, etc. When a body no longer has the necessary ability to ward off cancer and other diseases because of 'leaky gut' and endocrine problems, health takes a downward turn. For some people, due to genetics, their susceptibility to harmful agents such as Glyphosate begins a cycle of destructive health problems that can - and oftentimes does - lead to death. Cancer is only one avenue that a ravaged body will succumb to. The levels of Glyphosate from country to country vary widely and with reason. When in doubt, err on the side of safety. I ask you to remember that you are representing millions upon million of people. Their lives count on your prudent decision. I remind you that there are no safe levels of Glyphosate - only safe decisions. CAUTION IS THE PARENT OF SAFETY. Please let your caution rule.