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The California Wildlife Biology, Exposure Factor, and Toxicity Database (Cal/Ecotox) is a compilation of physiological and ecological parameters and toxicity data for a number of California fish and wildlife.

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  Cal/Ecotox Disclaimer

Intended Use and Limitations of Cal/Ecotox

It is anticipated that the ecological risk assessment community will utilize Cal/Ecotox as a preliminary tool to conveniently review existing scientific information on California wildlife species and contaminant effects. Efforts have been made to ensure that the information in Cal/Ecotox accurately reflects the original data source (i.e., primary scientific literature). However, database users should refer to the original publication in order to verify data values and thoroughly understand the context in which the data were developed and any appropriate limitations on their use. No representations are made as to the accuracy or validity of the primary data. Cal/EPA, OEHHA and the University of California Regents are not responsible for damages of any kind resulting from the use of or reliance on this information by risk assessors or risk managers.

No judgment has been made as to data quality and soundness of the scientific approach used by the primary authors in generating the data. Database users must apply their own data quality objectives to determine which data may be useful in any given ecological risk assessment. Data are included in the database without extensive filtering because data quality objectives may vary considerably among users and their specific assessment needs.

Cal/Ecotox is intended to be a tool to review the primary literature available for a given species. Since new information is constantly generated and some literature sources may not have been included in our literature searches, the database user should perform up-to-date literature searches and retrieve all pertinent literature when conducting or reviewing any ecological risk assessment.


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